The ONLY Hack to Perfectly Glowy Skin You REALLY Need!

As a girl’s girl who loves all things skin care and beauty. I’ve read many articles and seen lots of advertisements promising hydrating, glowing, beautifully radiant skin. They trick you with those beautiful words about how to have glowy skin and the most perfect skin routine for glowy skin that really only exists for as long as the product does. From every dewy moisturizing skin cream and luxurious skin serum to face masks and $200 HydraFacials, you name it they are going to promise you skin so glowy, even celebs would be jealous. Here’s what I know to be true. You don’t even need all of that. Surprise surprise!

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““From a yogic perspective, good health starts within. All yogic practices help to keep your skin healthy and radiant. The beauty industry spends a lot of money projecting a certain image of beauty that causes you to feel inadequate if you do not match up to this ideal.

― Ntathu Allen

In the fall of 2023, I started a skin care journey with my dermatologist that through me for a loop. I had a massive breakout that spread all across the lower half of my face. I stopped eating red meat, I drank water religiously, I lathered my face in the most luxurious cream products. Nothing.

I was growing aggravated from spending hundreds of dollars on serums and creams, that were taking me forever to get anywhere. And maybe I did see a bit of progress, but eventually a set back would present itself and I’d be back on YouTube watching videos about the latest product promising results.. again.

I vented my concerns, and here is what he told me: “I’m going to prescribe you a cream. Put it on at night, don’t put it on during the day. If your skin starts to get a little irritated, take a break. Maybe switch to every other day and just use your moisturizer. During the day, wash your face like normal and use Vitamin C and a moisturizer. Make sure you’re using your sunscreen. SPF 30 at minimum.”     


“Nobody applauds nature, yet she still glows.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

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And that was it. Twenty minutes and a $40 copay later, I was on my way to my local pharmacy to pick up a $3.00 bottle of Tretinoin and a steroid prescription to kill the acne from the inside. I followed his advice like religion and within three weeks, it was gone. The tender spots from the inflammation, gone. Scarring from the already inflamed and irritated acne spots, faded. Gone! Finally, some relief. 

Here’s what else I’ve noticed though. Those tiny spots that are actually enlarged pores – gone! Dull skin – was now tight, firm and shiny. Fine lines, smile lines everything – gone. So while I still love fancy face creams and serums, I get to be more mindful now and pick those that really compliment the benefits tretinoin is already giving my skin. 

So before you go and buy another $60+ product thats going to promise you perfectly glowing skin from the heavens, try these four things! And a bonus if you love make-up!

Glowy Skin Hack 1: Eat well, glow more.

If you consistently incorporate foods high in vitamin c and antioxidants into your diet, you will see your skin improve within four to six weeks. If you drink nothing but water, completely eliminating sugary drinks and alcohol, even coffee from your diet you will see results sooner than that. 

What you put into your body will ultimately show up on the outside and sometimes in the worst ways, like acne and other skin inflammations. Next thing you know, you’re spending three months trying to fade hyperpigmentation. Do the work from the inside, because there aren’t enough products on the market to give you beautifully healthy, glowing skin with a not so favorable diet.

Glowy Skin Hack 2: Know your skin type.

All the skin care recommendations in the world won’t do anything for you if you aren’t catering to your specific skin type. You are uniquely and divinely created. Your diet, your genetic make up, your skin is going to yield you much different results than the next person. And while a product can be universally great, what works for one is not always guaranteed to work for another. Even more so, what doesn’t work for someone else may work wonders for you! So take recommendations with a grain of salt, but also take the time to get to know your skin and learn what it likes. 

Glowy Skin Hack 3: Go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for Tretinoin.

Tretinoin has literally been a game changer, and what other reason are we here? Tretinoin has by far been the most consistent product to significantly improve not only the texture of my skin, but the visible appearance. Fine lines? NO. Texture? Barely, if at all! Tretinoin has given me the appearance of glass skin without trying to figure out which Korean Skin Care beauty product is going to give me exactly what I’m looking for. 

And I’m not talking about those fancy beauty products with tretinoin mixed in somewhere on the product list. Uh uh. If you do NOTHING else. Get yourself an appointment to a dermatologist and demand yourself a prescription of Tretinoin.

Also, before I step down off my soap box – can we give a round of applause for it being inexpensive?! This highly coveted skin care cream will literally costs you $3.00 max at your local pharmacy.

real hack for making your skin glow without makeup

Glowy Skin Hack 4: Start with Vitamin C and End with Hyaluronic Acid

Technically you start with a cleanser and end with a moisturizer – but let’s go with the idea that what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained, shall we? Assuming you have a multi-step skin care routine with the order of products ranging from simple to complex – there is one thing that should remain consistent. After cleansing, apply your Vitamin C since it absorbs most effectively after cleansing. Follow up with all your other skin care products and then finally, just before your moisturizer, add hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid is like a humectant, retaining and binding moisture. Hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin, helps to regenerate the skin, softens your skin tissues and helps to boost elasticity. By applying just before your moisturizer your are ensuring that your skin is supple and bountiful. 

Bonus Hack: If you want a flawless makeup application, YOUR SKIN MUST BE HYDRATED. 

If you want your make up to blend seamlessly, if you want a perfectly glowy and healthy looking skin under both a matte or skin-like finish foundation then you absolutely must hydrate your skin. Double that if you have a preference for matte foundations.

You should look as shiny and glowy as a Krispy Kreme glaze donut just after the light comes on. And your skin should absolutely look like this before you apply your primer – if you apply primer. Bonus points if your primer also gives off the appearance of super hydrated skin. 

Not only is a hydrating skin care routine prior to make up application going to serve as a healthy barrier, but you will be able to achieve a beautifully glowy look with far less product,  and after all the blending, baking and setting with powders your skin will look absolutely flawless once you return the moisture back into your skin with a setting spray.

That’s it. Eat good vitamins, drink your water, use Tretinoin, Vitamin C and sunscreen! While I’m sure this list can get even shorter, these five tricks are what I know to be true from my experience. You don’t need a whole lot of money and the latest expensive serums to get healthy looking, glowy and hydrated skin. You don’t even need monthly visits for super expensive facials – although, yes they are nice. You need water, and a good dermatologist, sis!

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