Get In The Habit Now, A Technique to Getting Grounded

When you are grounded, you own a sense of mental clarity and focus that empowers you to think rationally and clearly. When grounded, you are fully present; when fully present, you can experience increased happiness and creativity. It can calm you in moments you feel overwhelmed or are experiencing intense emotions, yet also keep you safe.

“Peace is this moment without judgement. That is all. This moment in the heart-space where everything is welcome.”
― Dorothy Hunt

Acknowledging the present centers your energy to appreciate “this” moment while you physically have it. Because in “this” moment, you are existing without exerting energy into either the past or future. Consider it to be the equivalent of physically expressing gratitude for right now, and that in itself will bring about the most beautiful improvement to any mood.

As awareness builds, realization affirms that things are not so bad after all. Life is treating you well, and you have much to be grateful for, aside from some minor challenges. Grace is understanding that challenges will come, and wisdom reminds you to become formless: adapt and remain patient. Through these actions, you are reminded that there is much to love about life and the blessing of having it for the time that you do.

beautiful soho homeFeeling grounded also affects others, as it can award you an opportunity to acknowledge another person as you experience each other. Slowing down and taking time with them even through the simplest of interactions. In these experiences, life’s circumstances show you its beauty from moment to moment, some of which you may never have again.

One really intentional technique of grounding is a countdown coping method for feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed, called the 5-4-3-2-1 method. This technique brings you into the moment gently, yet in the most powerful way, using your senses. When starting, it may seem so simple, but as you build the habit, the mind will naturally challenge itself to seek what exists beyond the obvious. Take three deep breaths and begin to focus on…

Five Things You Can See.

What grabs your immediate attention? Whether with a slight whisper to yourself or out loud, call these five things out to yourself.

Four Things You Can Touch.

Whether in a car, at your desk at work, or in a ridiculously long line, identify four things you can touch. Call them out.

black women grounding

Three Things You Can Hear.

In a loud room or in complete silence, drive further into this technique by becoming more mindful and identifying three sounds. Remembering, take deep breaths.

Two Things You Can Smell.

Is it your own scent? Is the air fresh? If possible, close your eyes..

One Thing You Can Taste.

Is it the remnants of coffee? Or something from your last meal? If it becomes challenging, rub your tongue across each of your teeth, releasing tension in your jaw.

Grounding techniques are self-soothing skills that help you manage stress, overwhelming or intense emotions, and quiet distressing thoughts. It helps you to get out of your head and into your body, helping to edge you just a bit closer to calmness and serenity.

What techniques allow you to become more centered and grounded?


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