Are you ready to attract love?

know you are worthy, Iyanla vanzant

Each year and throughout the year, people desire to manifest three things into their lives: love, success and money. And they will. If you seek, then you shall find, and everything you bring into focus you will it into your life by coming into alignment with that in which you desire. This is the beauty of manifestation, intentionality, and focusing on your desires consistently. Even love..[/dropcap]

How those manifestations come to you, however may or may not be within your control. In most videos and blog posts you find about manifesting, you will be advised to be specific. I find that’s usually because it never comes in the way you expect yet is absolutely exactly what you asked for.

Speaking of being exactly what you asked for, have you ever heard the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for…”? Been there, done that and wore the t-shirt. While I live a life of absolutely no regrets, there are some things that I could have been a little more prepared for. If I was ready to receive that in which I asked for, could I change the outcome of what I receive? Would it be better?

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I think so. Matter of fact, I fully believe it to be so, especially in matters of the heart. Which leads me to ask, are you ready to attract love? Or do you just have this strong desire to acquire it? Keep reading and let’s see what resonates with you… shall we?

You’ve discovered the meaning of self-love.

Self-love is so many things to so many people and it looks different for everyone. What self-love means to you is most important. Self-love will ground you and lift you up both at the same time. This action representing a state of self-appreciation and understanding of your worth supports your well-being and serves as the foundation of the cup from which you pour. It’s a reflection of how you show up, for yourself, for others and in the world.

Wise words by Iyanla Vanzant cemented the meaning of self-love in my mind, forever changing the way I viewed it and prioritizing the consistent effort to nurture it. “You must believe, ‘I am worth my own time, energy, and attention.’ Because until you believe that you will not be able to do enough in the world to make yourself feel worthy. When you know that, then you know that what you have to give to others is valuable.”

You know who you are and what you want.

Your core values, your beliefs, your character have all been established. Your constitutions, the way in which you govern yourself are consistent and you are solid. You are aware of your triggers and establish healthy boundaries. You know very well what you will and will not accept, and unquestionably, you stand on it. Ten toes down. You know that what you have to give is worthy, it is enough, and you know you don’t need to convince anyone of its value.  It doesn’t have to be displayed for someone else to determine its value, it simply is. When you know what you want, you don’t waste your time entertaining what isn’t.

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You look deeper than the surface.

An attraction may be what brings you towards a person, but it isn’t what keeps you there. Even Kanye West said the prettiest people do the ugliest things. When we establish relationships that lack depth and emotional intimacy, we miss out on one of life’s most incredible experiences.

You understand that how someone treats you is far more important than how they look, or if they meet some superficial physical requirement. How they pour into you is much more exciting than the amount of money they can afford to spend on a dinner date. And how they communicate when troubles arise is much sexier than how they look in or out of those designer clothes.

Understand though, “people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” – Matt Kahn. The same applies in reverse…

You’re not performing.

You’re no longer sitting across from a potential partner or suitor operating out of scarcity, or performing through a representative. You understand that a date is not an interview, or a 60 minute pitch effort to prove why you should be chosen, but rather an experience that you share with another individual to determine compatibility and connection. Does one exist? Do you even like them? Your efforts are less on selling yourself, and more on learning about the person you’re sitting across from.

Its easier to just be, because you are sure of who you are and know the value you present within your interpersonal relationships. The confidence you exude, and your understanding of self supports you without the need to be put on display, it just is.

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You love without expectations.

Simply put, you are capable of offering unconditional love. A love you offer freely, without an expectation or dependency of what someone gives in return yields the highest reward. This type of love is unselfish and knows no limitations. You are in alignment with the concept that embracing love on this vibration will attract the same high frequency of abundant and genuine love towards you.


You are the person you wish to attract.

You understand that if you want to attract a trustworthy person, you yourself must be trustworthy. If you want to attract someone who is considerate and selfless, then you must be capable and willing to be considerate and selfless. Having these characteristics within yourself awards you the discernment of recognizing them in others, as well as, attracting someone who shares these characteristics with you. Water seeks its own level. Discernment will also allow you to quickly recognize when someone’s actions don’t align with their words. “Red flags”, or so they’re commonly called.

In my experience, I had to learn it’s far more rewarding to be, so that you may attract who and what you are. This comes with the challenge of self-awareness and a willingness to search deep within the self to understand what influences your decisions and behaviors. There’s no end in this journey, though. The most exciting to confront are those that are brought to your attention by those who experience you.

Which of these six have resonated with you most? Have you attracted a genuine love and found that each of these six things were applicative to your experience?

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