Why FASTING should be something you do more than just intermittently!

Fasting has been synonymous with intermittent fasting for years, the effort of eating during a specific period of time, typically within an eight-hour window, and abstaining from food for the remaining sixteen hours of the day. It’s been recommended to you by a physician just before a surgery or blood test; fingers crossed that appointment occurs first thing in the morning. Most significantly, fasting is also associated with religions and philosophies where practitioners may abstain for weeks to redirect their attention back to God. Whether your goal is spiritual ascension or weight loss, fasting has benefits that far exceed temporary discomfort. I want to tell you how…

Fasting is a practice of abstaining from food and, or drinks for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes. Some may choose to fast from their addictions, such as social media, a cell phone, or sex.

Without a doubt, fasting will challenge you mentally, causing you to question your willpower and whether or not a hand full of grapes or a piece of turkey meat will really make all that much of a difference. However, your mind is the most powerful organ in your body, and through fasting, you can experience the most incredible benefits physically, spiritually, and physically.

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  • Fasting can improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance.
  • It helps to decrease and reduce chronic inflammation in the body, which is tied to chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer.
  • It improves heart health by improving blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and helping to reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  • Fasting will help to boost brain cell functioning and health, improving memory and overall cognition.
  • It increases growth hormones in the body, which are hormones involved in metabolism, weight loss, and muscle strength.
  • Improves vitality, the longevity, and continuance of life.
  • Also, fasting helps to eliminate excess mucus, food waste, inorganic mineral deposits, and other toxins from the body.


  • You receive the benefit of clearer thoughts, helping to elevate your ability to concentrate.
  • Fasting improves memory and focus.
  • Helps with the ability to control emotions, restoring emotional equilibrium.
  • Encourages discipline and strengthens willpower
  • Improvements in acuity, the sharpness of vision, and, or hearing.
  • Helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and other depressive symptoms

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  • You will gain an improved focus on realizing existing habits and encouraging critical decisions on improving quality of life with new self-actualizing habits.
  • Strengthening spiritual discernment
  • A stronger connection with the self, improving intuition, allowing you the benefit of being more readily discerned.
  • A stronger connection and deeper intimacy with the deity you serve.
  • The removal of distractions, offering a greater focus on self-awareness and strengthening of self-discipline.
  • Separates self from the ego by creating a conflict between your impulses and a desire to feed the ego.
  • Humility

There are so many ways to fast; juicing, intermittent fasting, water fasting, and the 5:2 method, to name a few; your options are endless. You also don’t have to jump in feet first and quit cold turkey. Fasting is a practice you can gradually integrate into your lifestyle, building upon your approach as you become stronger in your journey. 

Consult with your doctor before beginning any fasting regimen. Individuals who have diabetes and take medications supporting diabetes, or insulin may experience low blood sugar levels. In this instance, fasting may be dangerous and can cause you great harm. It is extremely important to take precautions and consult with a physician to help you make an educated decision on the best way to participate in the practice of fasting. 

Fast with a purpose. With proper planning, you can fast successfully and reap the most significant benefits you can offer your mind, body, and soul. Fast with intention and create a plan for yourself to help guide you through your journey and remind you of your why.


  • Posted November 11, 2022 3:05 am
    by Danielle

    5 stars
    Love the post, Its something worth practicing for sure. How often do you fast?

    • Posted December 2, 2022 12:20 am
      by ODDbrnd

      Thank you Danielle! I try to fast between two to three times a week.

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