Reaffirm Your ABUNDANCE; Daily Positive Affirmations

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Whether you enjoy your affirmations at the start of your day, through the night just before bed, write them in a journal or speak them out loud, it is without question that positive affirmations will help to remind you of your limitless abundance.

Affirmations are positive statements that challenge the negative and self-sabotaging thoughts that sow seeds of self-doubt and inadequacy. The most powerful affirmations exist in the present and are declarative. You stand in the energy that everything declared is true and prevalent in the present moment. The truth will always remain that you are enough and are a being of infinite abundance so long as you believe it.


Read each of these 15 affirmations and take note of those that resonate with you.

Do they feel like words you’re simply vocalizing for the sake of, or can you feel the energy behind the words? Of those that resonate, add them to your daily routine to strengthen positive thinking rituals and lead with powerful energy that carries you throughout your day!

I am grateful for every blessing in my life.
I am leading a powerful and abundant life.
I know who I am, and I am allowed to take up space.
I have everything that I need.
I am in alignment with all that serve my highest good.
I am honoring and trusting myself.
I am of limitless abundance and prosperity.
I am already successful.
I am overcoming any obstacle that comes my way.
I am worthy of happiness, love, peace, and joy.
I am grateful for my success.
I am achieving everything I set my mind to accomplish.
I am powerful and am constantly creating the life I desire.
I am attracting wealth, good health, and prosperity. It flows easily to me.
Today I am anticipating and acknowledging all the good that is happening for me.


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    November 11, 2022

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Reaffirm Your ABUNDANCE; Daily Positive Affirmations