Why YOU Need A Bedtime Ritual

Ideally, a bedtime ritual is the created space for you to wind down, for the mind to become clear and relaxed, and for the body to take a moment to indulge in slow deep breaths that, with each exhale, release the weight of the day’s stresses. It is a peaceful transition that aids your body into a tranquil state of rest so that your body can heal, repair itself, and you can recover. The perfect bedtime ritual helps to aid you in all of that, gracefully easing into the perfect restful state.

What does your perfect nighttime routine look like? Is it the AC on 77 degrees while nude under a billow of soft linen sheets? Is it tea, a facial, and moments of meditation with the phone on silent? Whatever it may look like for you, consider these to be the most ideal reasons why having one could make all the difference for you.

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To embrace serenity;

Throughout any given moment of the day, there are expectations of youTo be a good partner, a good parent, a good friend, a good employee.. dare I say human? *side eye* Amongst all those expectations are those you have of yourself. To honor your boundaries, your morals, your standards, and yourself! At the end of the day, bring yourself back to center with possibly a cup of green or chamomile tea before bed to help induce a calming state and ward off restlessness, an at-home facial with the works this time – exfoliating cleansers and masks, a salt bath to relax the muscles all help to ease away the tension of the day and bring you to a place of calmness and serenity.

To disconnect, if only for just a moment;

Convenience and accessibility make life so easy, and anything we could imagine remains at the tip of our fingers. By disconnecting from our phones and the television, we can spend time with ourselves and become more mindful of what we consume since our subconscious mind becomes most active when we sleep.

Just five minutes of deep breathing and silent meditation could make all the difference in a good night’s rest. Consider putting the phone to rest long before you put yourself to rest, and watch your quality of sleep throughout the night improve.

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To Prepare For Tomorrow;

Understanding there is no time like the present and tomorrow is not guaranteed, there are some benefits to preparing for tomorrow by setting yourself up for success the night before. Whether that looks like creating a to-do list, planning breakfast, or planning an ensemble for work, preparing the night before allows for such a pleasant and relaxed morning.

To Reconnect With A Partner;

With schedules riddled with responsibilities and the demanding nature of work, we almost blindly forget to appreciate the limited time we share with loved ones. Generating positive emotions and reconnecting with each other at the end of the day through genuine quality time can help to strengthen your bond, release those happy chemicals in the brain, and reduce stress.

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To Appreciate Yourself;

Taking a moment to appreciate yourself in those quiet moments just before bed gifts you the freedom to show yourself compassion and appreciation in the present. Any challenges you have endured, difficult moments that seemed to never end, and bouts of frustration that triggered you far longer than they should have can all be put to rest. There’s power in releasing the weight of that which you cannot control and recognizing that each inhale and exhale is a blessing. You can be thankful for all you are and all you do to keep you together.  

I challenge you to find your greatest pleasures when creating a peaceful and relaxing moment for yourself just before you retire to bed. Give yourself the grace you deserve and find those pockets of time where you can honor yourself so that your cup remains full.

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