Traveling with Friends: DO’s and DON’Ts

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”
― Unknown

Traveling with friends is an opportunity to

build lasting memories together. Through travel, you and your friends can build on shared experiences and learn a lot about yourself and each other. Traveling together strengthens the bond in your friendship and quite honestly is a love language that can build trust. Just as positively as it can build trust in your relationship with friends, it can also break it.

Check out these do’s and don’ts to make traveling with a group of girlfriends much easier!

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Communicate your travel budget.

Everyone’s finances look different, everyone has different attitudes towards money, and everyone has different opinions on what they prioritize when traveling. In an effort to avoid any awkward feelings or conflict have an open dialogue with friends about your financial boundaries. Begin planning with healthy dialogue around lodging, meals and other travel experiences. Communicate your budget, communicate your expectations about the trip and come to an agreement on accommodations.

Take others into consideration.

It’s good practice to take others experience into consideration when deciding to travel together in groups. Everything is not about YOU, but everything is about everyone. Everyone deserves to have a good time, everyone deserves to enjoy their vacation and each other. Be mindful when planning to make decisions that are inclusive of everyone and their interests. If different parties in the group have different interests, consider splitting up to ensure that everyone is fulfilled with their shared experience.

Try something new!

Please, don’t be the person who orders chicken tenders and French-fries. Don’t be hesitant to try parasailing or snorkeling. Engage in new experiences and try new foods! The opportunity to go out of town and explore a new culture opens your mind beyond the confines of your everyday experience. And guess what, you traveled for the experience, so do it fully.

Take pictures together!

While it is important to stay in the moment and embrace the experience as it is happening in that very moment,  it is also great to pause and take some time to stop and cherish the moment that you all are sharing together! When you look back at these photos as you transition into different phases of your lifetime, you will remember the experience you shared and the relationship you had with each other.

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Go anywhere alone.

When traveling with a group, stick to the group. If the group is large, try to at the very least travel in pairs. Its advantageous and can be a deterrent to anyone who could possibly threaten your safety. Stay alert and stay aware.


It’s a vacation, and on vacation we rest. It may sound exciting to have something planned for every day of the trip. But reality is – the best parts of any trip occur in the unexpected.  Make space for the opportunity to really enjoy the hidden gems you never thought you would encounter on your journey. Leave space and time for space and time. The ultimate goal is a stress-free trip.

Be a burden.

Pull your own weight. Whether deciding to travel alone or in groups, at the end of the day we are always responsible for ourselves. Understand your boundaries when drinking, stick to your budget, contribute to the planning of fun and memorable experiences, take accountability. Being a hindrance makes the trip uncomfortable for others and can possibly effect your relationships in the future.

Have a negative attitude.

It’s understandable that not every day will be rainbows and sunshine. Traveling effects everyone differently. So, extend some grace when in groups and try to remain positive. Every part of the trip is not meant to go your way, it’s an experience that is shared with everyone. Learn to compromise and be flexible where you can. If you know being jet-lagged makes you cranky and irritable, be mindful of your mood and communicate that to your group. Try your best to not take out any negative feelings on those traveling with you in your group. The last thing you want is to lose a friendship over a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Are there any tips you’ve learned that help to keep group trips between friends positive and fulfilling? Share them below!


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    by Kells

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    This is all so true, sometimes friends can be so hard to travel with. Especially when some want to do certain things and others don’t. Or when it comes to money and they don’t have enough to cover..

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