LIFE HACK: Release What No Longer Serves You

Release, a verb: allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free. allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.

Releasing what no longer serves you is an intentional action that requires mindfulness and accountability. The responsibility of releasing can be as simple as an article of clothing that has aged gracefully to as complex as a relationship that is holding you back or maybe, just… stagnant? While some things can be more complex than others, it’s helpful to consider that trusting yourself and your decisions to release what does not serve you can add significant value to your life. It can even energetically bring you to your highest self faster.

the only thing constant is change, Heraclitus

A clear space and mind increases productivity and improves the ability to be more creative.  If it’s relationships, you recognize that as you build the community around you – the environment in which you choose to exist, the people you surround yourself with, all contribute to and influence a healthy and optimistic experience that contributes to positive energy, better focus, and a significant increase in motivation. Just as there is power in the positive, there can be negative. As you continue to increase the positive influences in your life, you are no longer attracting frustrating or negative situations and will experience increased self-confidence.

If it’s your physical space, then it may be helpful to know that a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. To elaborate further, there’s a connection between mental health and the presence of clutter within our space. Clutter can cause one to feel overwhelmed, limit the ability to focus and interfere with our productivity.

When you release what no longer serves you and what no longer has a purpose in your present life – you energetically create space for the things that want in your life. You naturally create an energy that attracts, rather than one subject to energy blockages and preventing things from finding their way to you! Sometimes, the things you need to release are hiding deep within the subconscious. But that’s another post for another time. 😉 

While decluttering can look different for everyone, there are some actions that are just so easy for anyone to do. Check out these three simple things that can catapult you to uncluttering and start releasing some energy that’s surrounding you, creating a lighter, more vibrant space around you.

beautiful soho home

01. Donate Old Clothing.

Clothing that hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year, damaged clothing, tank tops and leggings that are pilling excessively, socks with no match, and old tote bags gifted to you while shopping suggests a few ideas of items that you can release.  One of the most popular tidying experts, Marie Kondo from Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has inspired many people to “clear away clutter so you can live the life you want.” Often asking whether or not the item sparks joy. If it does not, give thanks for how it has served you and let it go. The idea promotes that you should live with the things you truly cherish, and while this may look different for everyone – the intent is always to surround yourself with things that really bring you joy.

02. Get rid of random clutter.

This means magazines you’re not reading, boxes and packaging that no longer serves a purpose, old receipts from grocery stores, old UPS Amazon return tracking labels, papers or documents that should be filed away or shredded, chargers that may or may not work, old pens that definitely work, but only 30% of the time, you know.. stuff! The stuff that finds its way into corners, behind other things, and underneath most items. Old product bottles that have slid into the depths of bathroom cabinets. Release them all, right into File 13.

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03. Eliminate expired goods.

The first things that jump to mind are canned goods and beauty products. I wouldn’t want to fuel my body with expired food, and I definitely wouldn’t want to cover my body with expired products. Articles online have mentioned that expired beauty products are not likely to cause any harm, but they aren’t helping either. And if they aren’t helping, well then.. File 13.

Sometimes going through old clothes sparks sentimental memories, perhaps of a person or maybe even a moment in time. Below are just a few tips to bear in mind so that it doesn’t have to become overwhelming,

Start small and set your intentions. Whether you are starting with a room or a section of a room at a time, the value is in your effort of beginning. Set your intentions and remain guided by them throughout the process.

Get an idea of what you’re comfortable with releasing and stick to it. As you honor your process, what sparks joy for you or maintains some importance may change over time. Develop a boundary, so you can release with freedom and not regret.

As you begin to take inventory of the increasing mental, emotional, and physical benefits of releasing clutter from your space and mind, perhaps you can grow into observing what else in your life may be existing but no longer serving you and opening up a world of clarity and peace that may not have otherwise brought attention to.

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