MOODY MAYHEM: Seven ways to balance to your Mood

Your mood influences your day and is a natural element of your emotional rhythm. Unquestionably. Typically, the way you start your morning will pretty much carry you throughout the rest of the day. The same applies to the contrary. If you start your day frustrated and grumpy, you’re more likely to feel less optimistic throughout the day, and it becomes far easier to become agitated. If you set a tone of positivity, your energy will positively influence you, attract positive experiences, and serve as a buffer for negative experiences.

Your mood influences your frame of mind, how productive you are throughout the day, and influences how well you perform throughout the day and in certain situations. Understanding your moods can help you to manage them successfully and feel better faster. Try these seven tips and tell me, did you become a more happier and healthier you?

01.Get More Rest. 

At a minimum, healthy adults should give their bodies at least 7 to 9 hours each night. A struggle! I get it; everything comes alive in the nighttime. However, lack of an adequate amount of sleep for just one night will “increase your emotional response to negative feelings by 60%. –”. Sleep is essential for the body to function as intended and affects everything from energy balance to intellectual functionality, alertness, and you guessed it.. your mood!


First, let’s give thanks for our ability to breathe. Breathing brings oxygen into the body, lungs, and life into you. A deep inhale expands the lungs, lifts the chest, and energizes you. The exhale contracts the lungs, grounds you, and helps you relax. Deep breathing raises your endorphins and communicates to the brain that it is safe to relax and alerts your nervous system to be calm. . It’s the loving hug you give yourself from the inside. Even better, take a moment to be outside amongst nature and breathe fresh air.

03.Be mindful of what you consume.

This applies to the physical, mental and emotional because everything you consume has a powerful impact on your subconscious. In an article titled “Can Music Preference Indicate Mental Health Status in Young People?”, musical theorists Felicity Baker and William Bor advise that “music can trigger the activation of aggressive thoughts, emotions, expectations, and memories, and weaken inhibitions against aggressive behaviors. (2008)”. By feeding your subconscious with what makes you feel empowered and motivated, or perhaps is informational and riddled with positive affirmations and messages, your thoughts are likely to be more positive. You will be empowered; you will be ambitious, and you will attract the like.

04.Celebrate others.

Whether a stranger or your best friend, call up someone you know and recognize their successes. Acknowledge them in a way that brings attention to progression they may be experiencing in their lives. When you are selfless and attentively present in the lives of others, in return, you are sure to experience the benefits of satisfaction. Even more so, you will increase your own confidence, improve your own opportunities for success and have a significantly positive effect on your mood. Even if it’s by just actively listening, being a supportive force for others positively affects you and ultimately builds trust within your relationships.

05.Exercise more.

Regular exercise has a significant impact on your mood and even helps with depression and anxiety! Exercise helps increase the amount of oxygen brought into the body and brain, and helps to reduce inflammation in the brain. It’s essential for the betterment of your mental health. And it doesn’t have to be a crazy HIIT workout, simply walking a few minutes a day can help increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

06.Try yoga.

Guided meditation paired with movement recenters the energy within your body. Yoga is a great activity that promotes mindfulness and has excellent benefits for your well-being. It’s a beautiful practice that brings you into a heightened sense of awareness of the body and mind. Yoga allows you to be present and in the moment, encouraging an inward connection to recognize your thoughts and feelings, strengthening your focus. Double bonus – yoga is exercise.

yoga, breathe, peace

07.Reduce your time on social media.

Lost in the sauce of entertainment and as much joy as you find yourself experiencing, it turns out there are some research articles that suggest it can be just as harmful. Social media itself is not a bad thing; it’s our lack of discipline or boundaries around its use that can make things kind of sticky. Social media helps bring awareness to important issues, provides people the opportunity to express themselves creatively, and allows people to stay up to date with family and friends. However, it also sweeps people into the trap of comparison and leaves one vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and isolation. While you don’t have to completely remove yourself from social media (see #3 above), a reduction in social media exposure is sure to provide you with some amazing long-term benefits.

 “There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you to infinity.”
― Rumi

Moods are temporary and ever-changing. They can be fleeting and volatile, but they also influence how we perceive the world around us, interact with others, and interact with ourselves.

Which of these seven tips are you already actively engaged in? Leave a comment below and tell me about your favorite mood-enhancing activities!

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