Happy New Year!

[bigletter custom_class=””]Isn’t life such an incredible and exciting journey? Aren’t you grateful to be experiencing it? There’s pervading energy of new beginnings and plans for the future during the New Year. We occupy a space to reflect on the past year, the progress made, and expressing gratitude for our successes, whatever they may be.

I have taken considerable time to disconnect from the outside and reconnect with myself in the last seven days. Moments of mindfulness provided insight into the essence of my growth in 2021, and I’d like to share them with you. Here are five attitudes cultivated in 2021 that shaped my understanding of self and plans to achieve intentionality in 2022.

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Practice patience, both with myself and others. In 2017, my best friend introduced me to a spiritual mentor who, through conversation, made a simple statement that completely transformed the way I handled myself from that moment forward. She advised me to “give yourself grace through the process.” Everything is a process! Sure, I had heard variations of “Be nice to yourself” from countless others time and time again, but the context in which she framed these words made a lasting impression. And, while that statement appeared so commonsensical and straightforward, the truth is I wasn’t leading with it. As I became more patient, understanding, and gracious to and of myself, extending that same graciousness to others became easier. It improved my relationships and created a safe space of security and trust for those I encountered.

Everything is negotiable. Far more possibilities were available to me when I began asking for what I wanted. As opportunities presented themselves, I became more comfortable challenging “No’s” and asking that question that would twirl around in the back of my mind but somehow never made its way to my lips. When I advocated for myself, I walked away with more. The more comfortable I became asking for what I wanted, the more determined I became to leave nothing on the table. I am asking for what I want, and more often than not, I will get it.

Trust your intuition. The more I trust my intuition, the stronger it becomes. Practicing mindfulness and learning to trust myself the first time have been so pivotal in my evolution throughout this year. 

Our intuition is a gift, one that requires no conscious reasoning and is the body’s natural defense for self-preservation. Honor your intuition, period.

Release it. The tighter I held on to a thing, the more I seemed to push it away. Holding on to the need to control an outcome or expectation results from a scarcity mindset. It’s motivated by fear, and subconsciously I was creating the energy that I didn’t trust the outcome to serve my immediate, and more often, worldly desires. If it were something I could change, I should simply change it. If I cannot change it, I could change my attitude about it.  

Fill your cup first. One of the most extraordinary responsibilities of self is prioritizing self. Being “busy” has been glamorized and used as a tool of escapism, but in reality, it leads to an increase in stress and diminished self-esteem. No Thanks! When we are well-rested and recharge ourselves by indulging in the things we love, we are happier people. We bring the best versions of ourselves to the world and into our relationships with others.  

These five principles are just a few of the building blocks on which I have built my foundation of convictions and constitutions. It’s how I discern what serves me and what does not. These five principles require intentionality, and in the upcoming year, we are intentional. In being intentional, we actively choose to make decisions and perform actions centered around the things we regard as important. 

We are clear about what we are looking to achieve, and we provide, to the best of our abilities, a consistent effort, and energy into consistent actions that prepare us for our achievements. 

What we water grows. 

This is my intention for this blog. I intend to curate an experience that inspires and realizes a lifestyle for the modern sophisticate who values quality and independence in their means of self-care. Here, you will find what nourishes you fully.  Cheers to you, 2022!


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